The Hare & The Moon by Catherine Hyde

The Hare & The Moon by Catherine Hyde

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An exquisite, full colour country almanac by artist Catherine Hyde, following the phases of the moon and a hare's journey throughout the twelve months of the year in a lyrical tribute to the natural world.

Waking from the winter solstice a hare begins her journey. Through the landscape and its changing seasons, moving in harmony with the moon. Atmospheric and gorgeous paintings show the hare running in January, watching in February, leaping in March, until it comes full circle, sleeping in December.

Twelve double page paintings of the hare's journey are accompanied by full pages of art, showing a tree, a flower and a bird for each month of the year. This rich celebration of flora, fauna and country life includes hawthorn and cowslips, swallows, blackbirds, buzzards and owls, harebells, holly, olive, rowan, poppies and much more. Titbits of text - folklore, fairytale, myth and legend complement the stunning art and complete this beautiful book.

  • Hardcover 
  • 144 Pages
  • Dimensions 200 x 200mms

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